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Thirteen past SIC bibliographies are available in the old list format. Offered as PDF files and organized as straightforward lists, these files may provide users with a simple, but possibly useful, way to access this information. The files below are being saved for archive only – no further updates will be made to files in this old list format.

A Classified Bibliography on the History of Scientific Instruments (date: 1997, approx. 1800 entries in 111 categories)

A Supplement to A Classified Bibliography on the History of Scientific Instruments (date: 1998, 518 entries in 39 categories)

SIC Bibliography 14 (date: 1998, 189 entries)

SIC Bibliography 15 (date: 1999, 178 entries)

SIC Bibliography 16 (date: 2000, 162 entries)

SIC Bibliography 17 (date: 2001, 199 entries)

SIC Bibliography 18 (date: Spring 2002, 159 entries)

SIC Bibliography 19 (date: Autumn 2002, 66 entries)

SIC Bibliography 20 (date: Spring 2003, 82 entries)

SIC Bibliography 21 (date: Autumn 2003, 65 entries)

SIC Bibliography 22 (date: Spring 2004, 84 entries)

SIC Bibliography 23 (date: Summer 2004, 46 entries)

SIC Bibliography 24 (date: Autumn 2004, 36 entries)

Online eJournals

eRittenhouse – a journal of the historic scientific instrument enterprise in the Americas. A place to discover all manner of scientific apparatus, their creators, users and functions from before the innovative 18th century American astronomer David Rittenhouse to modern technological devices.

Issues of the Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society are only available to Scientific Instrument Society members via subscription, but the archive (1984 to present issue) can be searched online; back issues can be found in libraries or else purchased from the Society.

Frame for a glass plate, University of Tartu Museum ÜAM _ 1424:23 AjAM
Photographic equipment University of Tartu Museum ÜAM_1422:8/1 Aj
Photographic lens Weitwinkel-Anastigmat Eikonar, G.Rodenstock, Munich Univeristy of Tartu Museum ÜAM _ 1422:3/1 AjKF
Tessar photographic lens Carl Zeiss, Jena University of Tartu Museum ÜAM _ 1422:4/1-3 AjKF